at the Cosmic Trigger Experience

After the cosmic trigger is pulled, what happens when we exhale from group reality? Here are a few fragments drawn up into waking consciousness from our dreamers on the 23rd October 2014. Unreliably collected, recorded by hand by Kate Genevieve, drawn by Will Scobie.

Plunge into the ignored, the worthless, the forgotten. How could anything make it through? Yes, sir, they mean nothing! No, sir, a dream did not lead me here. This is just a little thing. Just to listen. Just to care. Just to play with the reflection. Not to say it is “this” or “that” or the multi-coloured wild giraffe of the unconscious… But to invite it all in to live. Eris flowing in many forms. Walking corridors, chance meetings, group ways of knowing.

What are the new dreams? What walks amongst us without quotation marks? A little space for it to grow. Smile. Thank you. Hello.

Hello “the network”. Hello. Hello. The threshold to conversation. A small beep - a light - a ripple. Is this on!!? I didn’t even know it worked anymore! A cascade. Colours unfold from the horizon. Come out. Come out. @chroma_space gh/chroma-space fb/ © 2023