chroma.space is a pioneering creative studio that explores ecological communication and the entanglement of inner and outer space. Working in art science, Video Mapping and Virtual Reality Performance since 2010, the studio works across a diverse range of mediums, including mixed reality performance and installation, interactive media art, outdoor and site-specific work, and curating and designing immersive events and education programmes.

Creative Studio

Founded in 2010 by Kate Genevieve, and joined in 2020 by Lucas Putnam, chroma.space continues to evolve, mutating at the edges of art, science, and ecological engagement.

Drawing inspiration from research into more-than-human communication, our participatory projects explore the deep connections between mental, social, and environmental ecologies. Projects collaborate across disciplines to respond imaginatively to the climate emergency, bringing in diverse perspectives, from dance and astrophysics, to neuroscience and systemic change.

Work is shown in diverse venues, including theatres, art galleries, outdoor spaces, online platforms, and unique site-specific installations. Notable exhibitions have been featured at NIMES, Flux Laboratory Geneva, Brighton Dome, London's Science Museum, ONCA Gallery, Dartington and FACT Liverpool. Additionally, chroma.space holds open labs, public events, workshops and programmes around the polycultures of ecology and technology and cosmo-imaginaries, emphasising the crucial role of feeling, sensing and perceiving together towards eco-social transformations.

Creative performance work encourages participation with new forms of collective solidarity and shared experience. By emphasising improvisation, somatic experience and non-verbal communication, we encourage audiences to venture beyond their comfort zones: see with fresh eyes, listen to different stories, and find new ways of being together and creating in uncertainty.

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TEDx Talk from chroma.space Director, Kate Genevieve

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