chroma.space is a transdisciplinary creative studio and a many tentacled living network navigating uncertainty. We create media performance, interactive art, site-specific projects, games experiments, workshops and learning programmes.

Inspired by systems change and a sense of the deep connection between mental, social and environmental ecology, projects collaborate across disciplines, bringing in diverse perspectives from dance to architecture, magic to neuroscience, social change to physics. In this current moment of Pandemic, climate crisis and structural metamorphosis, our participatory experiences invite people into alternative collective territories: to hear different stories, see through fresh eyes and experience a different way of being together. The audience’s perception, bodies and movement are vital to the action. Our projects engage somatic experience, non verbal communication and invite people to move out of their comfort zone and into fresh terrain.

chroma.space was founded by Kate Genevieve in 2010 and has been mutating ever since. Work shows in theatre settings, art galleries, outdoors, online and unusual site-specific installations. Recent projects have shown at the Brighton Dome, London’s Science Museum, Brighton Digital Festival, Brighton's ONCA Gallery and FACT Liverpool. chroma.space runs open labs and creative research, public events and workshops on the vital potentials of sensemaking in complexity, systems change and imagination.

TEDxBrighton Talk from Kate Genevieve CHRΘMA.SPACE

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