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Katharine Vega @kategenevieve is an artist and researcher at, the artist group she founded in 2010. Her projects explore the flexible relationship between the physical and the virtual, the real world and imagined ones. The work brings experimental performance together with immersive and interactive technologies, so that the audience’s perception, bodies and movement become a vital part of the action.

Art and performance work has shown nationally and internationally with recent work at the touring exhibition on female digital artists Technology is Not Neutral 2016-2017, Nimes 2016, London’s Science Museum, Brighton Digital Festival and FACT Liverpool.

Katharine is working on a practice-based PHD at the University of Sussex, researching multi-sensory integration, shared experience in virtual and mixed reality and why humans find it so hard to take in the information about the climate crisis. She has taught on digital art, creative media and animation at the Universities of Sussex and Brighton and run numerous open workshops for all ages.

About the company is an artists group creating work that combines performance and narrative with immersive interactivity. Inspired by cybernetics and a sense of the deep connection between mental, social and environmental ecology, projects collaborate across disciplines, bringing in diverse perspectives from dance to architecture, magic to neuroscience, social change to mathematics.

The creative work invites people to move out of their comfort zone and into fresh terrain and the audience’s perception, bodies and movement are vital to the action. runs open labs, public events and workshops on the potentials that improvisation, creative technologies and open source culture have for transforming how we communicate, act together and receive information about the earth.

Media & interviews

Spike Art Quarterly

Virtual Reality work is featured in “Dreaming Awake at the End of Time” in Spike Art Quarterly.

Routeledge book

Katharine Vega has a chapter in the newly released Routeledge book Intersecting Art and Technology in Practice: Techne/Technique/Technology – edited by Camille Baker and Kate Sicchio. See this link

Digital Weekender

See this link

Arts Technologica

Aired 2015 on BBC radio. Interview with KG about Virtual Reality practice and with artists James Bridle, Ben Vickers, Thomson and Craighead and animation visionary David OReilly.

Crossing Borders at Siobhan Davies Dance

Frank Bock's curated program of talks: KG talks about Neuroscience, Embodiment and Sharing Interiority


Art to Explore Consciousness

Of the Spheres Special episode

BBC Click, September 2013

Reasons to Be Creative: Digital Conference (Speaker)

Brighton Dome, UK. Sep 2010

Selected Performances & Exhibitions

Trust: Sonic Experience (Collaborating artist with Toby Gifford) Sensory Ecology, Gympie Regional Gallery, June 2017

Seachange Prototype Performance (Collaborating artist with Prof David Rudrauf) Flux Laboratory, Geneva, Switzerland. May 2017

Trust: Sonic Experience (Collaborating artist with Toby Gifford) Technology is Not Neutral, Phoenix Gallery & Watermans Arts, London, UK. September 2016 - January 2017

Trust: Mixed Reality (Artist / Director) Digital Weekender, Watermans Arts, London, UK. November 2016

Trust: Sonic Experience (Collaborating artist with Toby Gifford) NIMES, Brisbane, Australia, July 2016

Of the Spheres (Artist / Director) The Crawick Multiverse, Dumfries, Scotland, June 2016

Cascade (Artist) ONCA Brighton and Art COP21, UK and Paris, December 2015

Transmission (Co-Director with Rachel Blackman) Liminal, November 2015

Byzantium ( Artist collaboration with Paul Hayes ) Commission for “Libidinal Circuits” Conference, FACT, Liverpool, June - July 2015

Conjunction (Artist / Director) Brighton Beach, March 2015

Transmute (Curator & Producer with Rachel Blackman) Phoenix Gallery, September 2014

Liminal: Audio Visual Live Show for “The Acid” (Co-Director w creative technologist Giani Fabricio) Touring Europe and America 2014 - 2015

Gather (Artist / Director) New Sublime Exhibition, Brighton Digital Festival, September 2013

Heliosphere (Artist / Director) Brighton Fringe, Brighton, May 2013

Terminus (Artist / Director) Final Light, Phoenix Gallery, December 2012

Threshold (Artist) Light Night, Oxford Town Hall, October 2012

Impulse (Artist / Director) 16th annual meeting of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, Brighton Dome, Brighton, July 2012

Latent Heart (Artist / Director) Konnecting Gestures, Artaud Forum 2, Brunel University, London, March 2012

NO PLACE (Artist / Director) Embassy Court, UK for the White Night Festival, Brighton and Hove, Oct 2011 Camp Bestival Finale: Animation Projections (Artist / Director) Lulworth Castle, UK, July 2011, 2012, 2013 Video Vortex Public Installation Komiza Town Square, Croatia, August 2011

Dream Machine (Creator / Co-director) Marlborough House, Brighton, UK for the White Night Festival 2010 Encephalo//Graphic (Artist / Director) Ropetackle Arts, UK, for the Art of LIfe Science Festival, October 2010 Future Machine (Creator / Co-director) Unitarian Church, Brighton, UK for the White Night Festival 2009


Between Worlds Facebook link

Transmute this link

Final Light Vimeo link


Seeing Differently, The Eyes of Night Facebook Link

Hacking Reality: the future of communication Workshop on communication networks, VR & perception Workshop led at Phoenix Brighton & Watermans Arts 2016

Feeling Sensing Perceiving Workshop on sense-responsive technology and performance Workshop led w Rachel Blackman at Phoenix Brighton 2014

Feeling Sensing Perceiving Facebook link

Open Sourcing the Heart Workshop on Bio-sensing in performance. Workshop led w Ian Winters, Phoenix Gallery & Lab for the Recently Possible, 2013

Selected Talks & Panels

Sensing Potential Open Senses, The Trampery, London May 2017
Facebook link

Terra Incognita Residency Talk Final Session at the NCCR Affective Sciences Conference

SITE SESSIONS: ART, SCIENCE AND THE TRUTH Site Gallery, Sheffield, April 2017

Hacking Reality Chaos Computer Club, Hamburg 2017

The Pathways Project Copenhagen September 2016 Facebook link

In touch with reality See here Wellcome Trust, London October 2016

Balance-Unbalance International Conference 2016 in Manizales, Colombia | Virtual Panel Youtube link

Byzantium (CHROMA Talk) FACT LAB, Liverpool June 2015

Artist’s Story (Talk) Fabrica Gallery, April 2015

Balance Unbalance Co-convener of “Choreographies of attention and control:  biosensors, networks and embodiment in installation and performance” Arizona State University, Arizona 2015

International Symposium on Electronic Art 2014 Round Table Co-convener of “Choreographies of attention and control:  biosensors, networks and embodiment in installation and performance” Zayed University, Dubai, Oct 2014

Toward a Science of Consciousness 2014 (Poster presentation) University of Arizona, Arizona. April 2014. Funded by an AHRC RTSG grant

CHROMA Artist’s Presentation at New Sublime, UK. September 2013

Of The Spheres: CHROMA Artists Talk, Phoenix Gallery, UK. Sept 2013

Art and the Scientific Study of Consciousness panel (Producer / Speaker presenting paper An Artist’s Residency at the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science) ASSC Expo, June 2013

Mediamorphosis (Producer / Chair of session: Listening to the Body: from spectacle to experience: new strategies for bio-sensors in performance today) University of Sussex, May 2013

Remote Encounters (Speaker presenting paper Staging Subjectivity: Neuroscience, Embodiment, and the virtual) University of Glamorgan, Cardiff, April 2013

SCANZ 2013 (Speaker presenting paper: Latent Dimensions: Neuroscience, Embodiment and the environment) University of New Plymouth, New Zealand. Jan 2013

CHROMA Artist in Residence Presentation, Blast Theory, UK. December 2012

PAL Movement and Meaning Symposium (Speaker w Genevieve Maxwell presenting: Falling Through Myself) London November 2012

CEP 2012: Neurophenomenology (Poster presentation) Bristol UK. Sep 2012

Round table session: Critical Performance Technologies (Speaker) Konnecting Gestures, Brunel University, UK. March 2012

Spectacular Bodies (Speaker) Catlyst Club, Brighton, UK. December 2011

Staging Illusion (Speaker presenting paper Give Me Your Hand: Staging the Illusion of the Self) Sussex University, UK. December 2011

Cinematic Cities Panel Discussion (Producer / Chair) Cinecity: Brighton Film Festival, UK. Nov 2011

Pecha Kucha (Speaker) Brighton Digital Festival, UK. Sept 2011

Virtual Futures (Speaker presenting paper Presence, Performance and the Virtual) Warwick University, UK. June 2011

Lablife at Microwave Festival Hong Kong, November 2011

Arts and Medicine Symposium (Speaker) Brighton and Sussex Medical School, UK, May 2011

British Shorts Lichtspielklub festival Sputnik Kino, Berlin, Germany. Jan 2011

Animating the Mind Screening. Curated programme and chaired talks on experimental animation communicating non normative mental states, BANG Network, Brighton, UK. Nov 2010

Residencies and Working Visits

Residency at May 2016 Atlantic Center for the Arts, Florida

CHROMA residency & homestay with the Leweton Community, Vanuatu Leweton Community, Luganville, Vanuatu March 2016

CHROMA, residents at ONCA during “Festival of Climate Ideas” ONCA, Brighton Nov-Dec 2015

CHROMA, residents in the FACT Lab during “Build your Own” FACT, Liverpool June-July 2015

CHROMA and Stillpoint residency at Cove Park 2015 Cove Park, Scotland June 2015

Residency at Steelgrass 2014 Kauai, Hawaii, Nov 2014

Residency at SCANZ 2013 New Plymouth, New Zealand. Jan 2013

CHROMA Residency at Blast Theory, UK. October - November 2012

Artist in Residence at the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science Funded by Arts Council England and Performance Arts Labs, Jan - Sep 2012

PAL: Movement & Meaning Lab bursary w Genevieve Maxwell to develop “Falling Through Myself” Movement and technology workshop at the Sackler Centre

DACS Open: Post-digital Jan - April 2012 Invited participant for workshops from Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS)

Act Otherwise at Blast Theory Invited participant and speaker as part of PARN (Physical and Alternate Reality Narratives) EU Culture Fund Project, March 2012 / 2013 / Feb 2014

Visiting Artist, Embassy Court 2011 Funded by Bluestorm Ltd. and Brighton and Hove City Council. 2011

Video Vortex Summer Workshop, Island of Vis, Croatia Erasmus-funded, August 2011

Laboratory Life Art Science Collaboration, Lighthouse, Brighton Funded by The Arts Catalyst and The Wellcome Trust, Feb- March 2011 @chroma_space gh/chroma-space fb/ © 2018