CHRΘMA's third year lighting up Lulworth castle with Brightonart & Two Tiger Fireworks with our Son et lumière show. To end our run of finales for Camp Bestival we visioned a trip around the world as seen through the three eyes of our double hearted alien, Gertie. With gorgeous animated action and character design from lead animator Emma Wakeley, who brought so much to these Finale projects, and excellent motion graphics from David Packer, Richard Gladman and Alex Barnes. The project was a planetary collaboration, bringing together different styles from different teams around the globe: the Japan scene by Sachiko Nitta, the Paris scene from Sylvain & Remi Rohart and the Malaysian beach scene by Woon Bing Chang and co.

“It has been an incredible experience to bring all these talented people together and to let loose some technicolour visioning on this heritage castle to a huge audience of over 20,000. Standing in the crowd and seeing so many happy faces and wide eyes has been unforgettable. I’m delighted to have created these Finales with Mark Scarrett and Richard Cranmer for the last three years, many thanks to everyone involved and to Rob, Josie and the Camp Bestival team. As Armstrong sings, what a wonderful world!” - KG @chroma_space gh/chroma-space fb/ © 2023