A projection performance about living in transit and a repeated journey home. Born on a Train combines an interactive performance journey for individuals with large-scale video mapping. Designed for train stations and urban spaces, it brings together live performance, animation and toy trains as it explores the agency of crowds and decision making.

The project had it's first development phase during a 2 month C H R ϴ M A residency at Blast Theory, with input from Dr Christopher Summerfield at the Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford.

Showings of this development work were held during Oxford's Light Night and during Final Light, an art event curated by Chroma Collective, on the 21st December. The Brighton show, TERMINUS, was a projection performance made collaboratively by Julie Bower, Kate Genevieve and David Packer.

Julie Bower and Kate Genevieve talk about their residency and the project at Blast Theory on the eve of the 13th Dec. @chroma_space gh/chroma-space fb/ © 2023