Untaming the Urban: Group Exhibition in Austrailia

chroma.space are exhibiting as part of the Symposium Untaming the Urban on the 12-14th December 2018 held at the Australian National University, Fenner School of Environment and Society, Canberra.

Building on the 1st Untaming the Urban event in 2016, the 2nd symposium aims to foster cross-disciplinary conversation on multi-species urban entanglements, constructed ecologies and more-than-human built environments. Including, how we, other animals, plants and other species (both wild and domestic) use and share these urban spaces.

Themes: urban ecologies, creature structures, multi-species perspectives,approaches and methods, untaming humans for post-anthropocentric urban futures

"The urban built environment has largely been considered and constructed as a human habitat although we share these spaces with many other species. Urban growth is placing pressure on natural and modified habitats changing the way we cohabit with other species in cities, towns and suburbs. Retention, modification and recreation of habitats requires new perspectives about how we share these spaces with more-than-human others. Our collective wellbeing is at stake, both for allowing urban life to thrive and human wellbeing gained from the relationship with our domestic and wild biota. Constructing multi-species urban environments requires a cross-disciplinary approach." Viveka Turnbull Hocking and Tracey Benson

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