You are invited to participate in the Transcultural Data Pact 18/08/2020 – 21/08/2020

Read full Invitation at the Furtherfield Gallery website

Transcultural Data Pact LARP is created by Ruth Catlow (Furtherfield/DECAL) with artist Kate Genevieve ( and researcher Dr Kruakae Pothong as part of the Qualified Self research project led by Prof. Chris Speed with Billy Dixon and Dr Evan Morgan from Edinburgh University.

-- EDIT -- Ruth gave a fantastic talk on the project for the Open Data Institute. You can watch it here: ODI Fridays: How live action role play could fix real-world social problems

About the project

Findings contribute to a research paper Human-Computer Interaction (CHI).The Transcultural Data Pact is a Qualified Selves research event that uses data objects to stretch people’s imagination about the collection and usage of their own data to investigate personal and collective data devices and practices that add real value.Qualified Selves is a joint project between Lancaster and Edinburgh Universities. Improving how individuals make sense of data management (from social media to activity trackers to home IoT devices) in order to enhance personal decision making, increase productivity, and improve their quality of life. Its novel approach to co-design and co-creation has supported the development of new prototypes to help think about tracking data in different ways.

Ruth Catlow is Director of DECAL. Furtherfield is London’s first (de)centre for digital arts. DECAL is a Furtherfield initiative which exists to mobilise research and development by leading artists, using blockchain and web 3.0 technologies for fairer, more dynamic and connected cultural ecologies and economies.

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