Terra Incognita: Creative entangling through Pandemic

A season of Terra Incognita sessions inviting creative practitioners of all kinds to make kin across distance and create together through these unprecedented times of Pandemic.

10 online meetings on Whereby, 6pm Wednesday BST. Full details on Eventbrite

The COVID-19 Pandemic and lockdown is impacting people in extremely different ways and exposing devastating inequalities. Many individuals are being asked to radically and painfully transform how they live and sustain themselves, whilst collectively the COVID19 crisis asks us to join together to create new care and support systems.

What a difference it can make if we act from connectedness and inspiration and take our lead from the creative imagination.

We invite you to spend an hour together in the roots of things in support of creative response, exploring entanglements living within these times through poetry, myth, art, science, ecological systems thinking, activism and social action.

Real change is led by the living imagination: can we support each other's creative capacity as we face living with Pandemic?

Please bring: We invite you to bring a resilience tip, a poem, a dream, a joke, an object - something to share with the group - along with some paper and pens, pencils, paints or the mark-making materials you enjoy using for writing & drawing.


This season of online meetings has now ended. We've made a Facebook group to keep connecting beyond this run of meetings. There is a co-created session on the theme of “value” planned for the next months, keep in touch about dates and future events on the chroma.space studio newsletter.

Wishing everyone fresh energy and inspiration onwards.

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