Brighton Water Ceremony

The System Change Hive experiment towards radical dreaming is opening at ONCA Arts this week. The Hidden Paths Exhibition is an exhibition to inspire and provoke diving into the possibilities all around us for transforming our broken systems.

We start with a simple water blessing by the Donut sculpture “Afloat” on the seafront at 4pm before the opening on October 16th. Annie Elliott, Molly Astley and Kate Genevieve will hold Water Ceremony and then walk to ONCA for conversation, connection and a chance to view the exhibition.

This Water Ceremony, inspired by the Fellowship of the Spring’s large-scale water pilgrimages in London is a peaceful time to come together and share what’s moving in us, in the midst of chaotic events. By speaking to the water, we reimagine our relationship to the living earth and hold solidarity with a network of water activists across England working to open up blocked water ways and the old wells.

This live programme is curated by Idil Bozkurt. @chroma_space gh/chroma-space fb/ © 2024