Brighton Digital Festival

open( system ) @ Embassy Court

Details on Brighton Digital Festival

C H R Θ M A are opening the doors on their Virtual Reality development. We are exploring how virtual reality and network technology can dive deep into “shared experience.” Our current focus is on how creative technology might viscerally connect us with the ecosystem out beyond the city. We believe that questions of mental, social and environmental ecology do not simply inform each other, but depend on each other. Anthropologist Gregory Bateson writes that “the unit of survival is the organism plus environment. We are learning by bitter experience that the organism which destroys its environment destroys itself.”

You are invited to visit and explore work in progress, creatively input and imagine alternative collective territories and future uses for Virtual Reality. It's not a show - we're just opening the doors on where we are and welcoming you into it. @chroma_space gh/chroma-space fb/ © 2023