June 21st, 2016

Of the Spheres @ Crawick Multiverse

Solstice ritual on the land with Google Cardboard. A 360 experience in honour of the sun - involving the inner planes and the great outdoors. See [Of the Spheres] ( a project exploring how human beings attempt to understand the vast durations and massive scales of the cosmos.

Media & interviews:

Arts Technologica

Aired 2015 on BBC radio. Interview with KG about Virtual Reality practice and with artists James Bridle, Ben Vickers, Thomson and Craighead and animation visionary David OReilly.

Crossing Borders at Siobhan Davies Dance

Frank Bock’s curated program of talks: KG talks about Neuroscience, Embodiment and Sharing Interiority


Art to Explore Consciousness

Event Archive:

June 2nd, 2016

We too once lived in this house of stars, and we thought of you @ Atlantic Center for the Arts

An outdoor AV interactive experiment in wild Florida: the land the Voyager probes were launched from in 1977. The Voyager record emphasises the “homo musicus”. The Golden Record is laden with music and sonic material as a mode to communicate the quality of experience and emotional dimension of being human. This performance experiment will invite you into a strange communication at a point when Spacex rockets are launching from Cape Canaveral and the tone, aesthetic and character of space investigation is shifting.

This showing of work is part of the Inside Out event, a group showing by artists, writers & musicians on Residency 161 - with input from Kate Genevieve, Ben Zucker, Shannon Novak and Farnaz Fatemi - [Of the Spheres] (

December 2nd-12th, 2015

C A S C A D E @ Festival of Climate Ideas

During Onca Network’s Festival of Climate Ideas, we are initiating a new project – C A S C A D E

C A S C A D E is an experiment in creative activism & storytelling - created across many different media streams by many different people - imagining into alternative futures for the human race on earth at this time. We’ll be in the gallery growing the project until December 4th and then in Paris during the COP21 - open invitation to come create in situ around different ways of living, working & being together. December 2nd opening night is followed by a screening of Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything from the Brighton Radical Film Festival.

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November 8th, 2015

Between Worlds @ The Spire

Live event exploring non-verbal communication: how we perceive and receive across space without words using sound, touch, feeling, light, symbols. We - Louis D’aboville, Rachel Blackman, Kate Genevieve - are interested in the possibilities of empathy and technology for ecology, activism and playful creativity. This night includes a sound ritual from Isobel Anderson, a fibre optic installation from Maf’j Alvarez, data projections from Kate Genevieve and Simon Wibberley and a Virtual Reality experience from Dr Keisuke Suzuki. There will be Sufi dance, live drawing from scribe-of-the-unconscious Will Scobie, music from Tom Beaufoy (Evil 9) and a chance to share an intimate moment with a stranger across the dark side of a mirror in Chroma and Stillpoint’s Transmission.

The evening begins with a fire ritual at 5pm where we offer you a chance to let go of something that no longer serves your life. Have something ready to burn.

September 15th, 2015

Digital Spotlight@ Phoenix Arts

September 12th-14th, 2015

open( system ) @ Embassy Court

Details on Brighton Digital Festival

C H R Θ M A are opening the doors on their Virtual Reality development. We are exploring how virtual reality and network technology can dive deep into “shared experience.” Our current focus is on how creative technology might viscerally connect us with the ecosystem out beyond the city. We believe that questions of mental, social and environmental ecology do not simply inform each other, but depend on each other. Anthropologist Gregory Bateson writes that “the unit of survival is the organism plus environment. We are learning by bitter experience that the organism which destroys its environment destroys itself.”

You are invited to visit and explore work in progress, creatively input and imagine alternative collective territories and future uses for Virtual Reality. It’s not a show - we’re just opening the doors on where we are and welcoming you into it.

September 10th

Catalyst Club

KG talk about dream research & the creative unconscious.

May 14th, 2014

Artist’s Story @ Fabrica Gallery, Brighton

An illustrated talk as part of the Marcus Coates Dawn Chorus exhibition .

November 23rd, 2014

ONEIRIC ARCHIVES @ Camp and Furnace, Liverpool

Experiments in recording dreams of groups of people. Under the mentorship of Apela Colorado: Kate Genevieve and Will Scobie combine to document the dreams of the Cosmic Trigger Experience

update Documentation of 23 dreams > Oneiric Archives & a call out to Santa Cruz contacts - the Trigger is set for the US. Get in touch if you have any links in Santa Cruz to bring this celebration of Robert Anton Wilson stateside.

2014 Workshops

Feeling, Sensing, Perceiving Workshops

Open Workshops led by Rachel Blackman and KG on sense-responsive technology and performance.